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Welcome to Synergy!

STOP Press! : Synergy has acquired a second MC900GT drill rig, designed especially for geothermal borehole drilling. (see latest news below)

What we do

Synergy Boreholes and Systems Ltd. deliver borehole installations to private and commercial clients.

We are increasingly the starting point for those who search for the best quality GSHP or water borehole installations.

We cooperate with many well established renewable energy partners across the UK,

Together with long standing, trusted partners, e.g. suppliers MGS; renewable energy companies such as Isoenergy, consultants, BBH Energy Strategieswe offer complete ground source heat pump / water borehole/treatment systems from one point of contact.

We are not, and never will be, the cheapest providers of GSHP/water borehole installations.

We deliver  "what it says on the tin", using the professional surveys/design, high quality materials, best practice drilling methods.

What does this mean?. Boreholes/borehole arrays/installations that consistently meet or exceed design performance.

Look where we have worked, who with and who for.

Synergy is an ISO 9001 company. 

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Illustrated below are larger projects, typical of those we are awarded. Not only on price, but our support and advice to the client, quality materials, site protection/cleanliness, consistency of execution and certificated performance as predicted/specified. Not shown here are the scores of smaller domestic ground source and water borehole projects executed.

Private / Domestic

Call or email us. You will not be speaking to a sales person, but to Antony or Mark.
We will not sell to you, but talk to you, advise you, to enable you realise your project in the most effective, cost efficient way.



Synergy delivers the whole project, from initial geological survey / TRT, to the borehole array, including all trenching, header-works, flushing, filling, pressurising of the system.
We deliver complete GSHP system installations with our partner companies


Synergy at Harleyford Manor

Synergy have been selected to drill an extensive borehole array at Grade 1 listed Harleyford Manor

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Synergy at Thornhill Park

Working together with our partner Isoenergy, Synergy is drilling an extensive borehole array for Thornhill Park

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Synergy & New Premier Inn

Synergy has been selected to drill an extensive borehole array which will supply the heating needs for the new Premier Inn being...

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Synergy at Brunel University

Sheppard Robson has received planning permission from Hillingdon Council for the remodelling of the Wilfred Brown Building at Brunel...

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Bainton Road Nursery, Oxford

St John’s College is building a new nursery to house 25 children at a site in Bainton Road, close to the centre of Oxford. Synergy...

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Synergy and "Grand Design"

It is the biggest house ever to feature on Grand Designs - and one which left presenter Kevin McCloud almost speechless.
And though...

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Synergy to drill extensive closed loop borehole array consisting of 30 boreholes to 215m depth at Stargroves near Newbury, previous home to...

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Synergy in Edinburgh

Fettes College, one of Scotland’s great schools and "undeniably one of Scotland's greatest buildings”, school to amongst others James...

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The Watermill Theatre

Synergy drills borehole array at the Watermill Theatre in Bagnor, Newbury. Synergy has drilled a borehole array directly next to the river...

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Heckfield Place

Synergy drills 185m deep water well borehole to provide freshwater supply for Heckfield Place which is currently being converted into an...

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Synergy in Jersey

Synergy has been in Jersey during November/December with our team to drill a borehole array for a large HUF Haus project complete with...

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Synergy in Jersey (2)

Synergy has been asked to drill a large borehole array at a site where the house of Charlie Hungerford, famous from Bergerac once stood...

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Synergy in Kent

Synergy drilled a borehole array for the historic St. Stephens Church in Lympne, Kent as part of the church modernisation project which...

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Synergy in Anglesey

Synergy provides borehole array for new HUF Haus designed Oyster Catcher Restaurant and Chef's Academy just outside the resort of...

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Maggies Centre

This building in Oxford, designed by award winning architects, houses one of the nationwide network of Maggies Centres, who offer advice...

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St. Catherine's Court

Synergy delivered a borehole array for this fine Tudor house. Access was a major issue, as was the protection of the several hundred year...

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Synergy on an island

Synergy was asked to complete a task which had defeated previous contractors who had been unable to drill and isolate the freshwater...

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Haileybury School

The borehole array for this school with its magnificent buildings and grounds was originally awarded to another contractor who was unable...

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Synergy at Wistow Hall

Synergy, working together with our partner company IsoEnergy have recently delivered an extensive borehole array to provide heating for...

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Cheltenham Racecourse Redevelopement

Redevelopment of Cheltenham Racecourse. Synergy Boreholes has provided the borehole array for this prestigious project.

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Synergy in Norwich

Synergy has provided the borehole array for the award winning City College Norwich Creative Arts Building. The project was completed within...

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Synergy at Sainsburys

Synergy were commissioned by GI Energy, a major player in the renewable energy sector to drill an extensive borehole array in a restricted...

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Synergy at the Premier Inn

Synergy were contracted to deliver an extensive borehole array for a new Premier Inn "Eco Hotel" at Camborne, Cornwall.
As always,...

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Latest News Topics

Synergy gets second MC900GT

Synergy gets second MC900GT

NEWS : Synergy has acquired a second MC900GT drill rig, designed especially for geothermal borehole drilling

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