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Environmental Policy

We are committed to drilling boreholes for private water supply and geothermal ground source heat pump systems with minimum environmental impact.


Waterwell drilling will follow the recommendations of the BGS and the Environment Agency with regard to borehole depth, borehole construction and sealing (Bentonite use). We adhere strictly to the provisions of the Water Act of 2003. Geothermal boreholes are drilled and fitted out using the highest quality environmentally friendly materials.

On larger projects, an Environmental Risk Assessment will be executed and agreed with the client.

We restrict the use of air hammer drilling, which requires noisy compressors and can be extremely messy, to an absolute minimum.

Where our drilling operation requires the use of water from a water company or authority, we will obtain the necessary licences and permissions to do so. We will respect and protect the integrity of the water supply.

Our drills and ancillary equipment are maintained and serviced to the highest standards by our own highly experienced personnel in order to reduce the possibility of hydraulic leaks and unnecessary noise pollution.

We comply with Section 61* requirements as agreed/required by local councils.

We will take all reasonable steps to protect the site against the effects of our machinery movement, use of heavy duty ground cover, matting etc.

Our quoted price will normally include the removal of any drilling liquids from the site in skips by approved skip operators.

We will leave the site in a clean, tidy and safe state.

Wherever possible during customer contact, enquiry, quotation, tendering, project administration, invoicing processes, we will use electronic, paperless communications.

*Control of Pollution Act 1974

Machinery / Materials

Our latest generation equipment is designed and purchased to enable our drilling operations to have the minimum impact on the environment.

Our Comacchio rotary hydraulic drills are factory fitted with the latest noise reduction equipment and are quieter than those commonly used in our industry.

Synergy has invested in the latest American drilling mud recycling equipment (Mud Puppy) to reduce mess at the site.

Our tracked drilling vehicles are fitted with rubber track inserts in order that they do not damage any hard surfaces that they may cross.

We have a considerable inventory of heavy duty industrial ground covering/matting, that we use to prevent churning up of soft ground by our vehicles and activities.

Should we use drilling additives, these will be of the approved, biodegradable type.

We use only the best quality materials and components, supplied by companies that are themselves highly environmentally conscious.

Fuels and lubricants are stored at our premises in double skinned containers complying to the relevant regulations.

Antony Jennings

Synergy Boreholes and Systems Ltd. Reviewed : September 2012

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