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Synergy Boreholes and Systems maintains a dynamic investment program to ensure that we have the latest, safest, quietest and most efficient drilling equipment. As a result of this strategy, we have one of the most modern and technologically advanced machine parks in the UK.

With immediate effect, we offer to our customers requiring 10 boreholes or more, the benefits of our latest acquisition, the MC900GT drill, designed specifically for high volume geothermal borehole drilling. It drills more rapidly, more reliably and above all, more cost effectively, than any other drill of comparable size. This workrate results in geothermal borehole completion speeds double those of conventional rigs, with all the associated advantages. Its compact dimensions also allow its use in constricted domestic/urban environments where GSHP’s of more than 50 kW are required.

Protective tubing (casing) is inserted simultaneously with the drilling operation to depths of up to 150 metres. This prevents borehole collapse and allows fail-safe insertion of the geothermal loop.

Features of the MC900GT can be summed up as 

 SPEED, and therefore

 COST ADVANTAGE  (where the client participates!)

 In order to enjoy the benefits of the MC900GT, please direct your enquiries to

Our location just south of Oxford gives us excellent access to all Southern/Central regions. On larger, or more urgent projects, our other Comacchio 450, 450P.1 drills will assist the MC900GT




Machine description

Rubber caterpillar track mounted, diesel powered, rotary hydraulic drill with automatic drilling rod / casing loading from an integral magazine with a storage capacity of 64 drill rod / casing sets.

  • Length: 9.99m

  • Width: 2.40m

  • Height: 3.15 (mast down), 9.87m (mast up)

  • Weight: 24000 Kg.


Drills and simultaneously cases geothermal boreholes down to 150 metres

Can drill down to 300m

Drilling / casing speed approximately 30 metres per hour

Approximate rate of borehole (100-150m) completion, i.e. drilled, loop inserted, grouted: 1 per day.

We have a range of drills at our disposal, one of the latest acquisitions is shown here. A new MC450P.1 drill with mechanised rod handling is now a valuable addition to our fleet

Also we have extensive ancillary equipment including the latest in environmentally friendly drilling mud recycling and mechanised trailer mounted grouting units

Borehole Drilling

We invest in the latest borehole drilling, waste recycling and ground protection equipment to work:

  • quickly
  • efficiently, i.e. cost effectively
  • quietly
  • cleanly
  • on sites with restricted access

Synergy Boreholes and Systems Ltd. have invested in a new mud cleaning system which recycles the drilling mud, keeping the site and environment clean.

This American, patented system, avoids the need to dig large settling pits for the volume of slurry coming from the drilling process. The waste is converted to solids which can be mechanically disposed of, either on site, or removed by skip.

This new technology allows us to drill in 'site sensitive' areas. Overspills of drilling muds into streams, gardens, ponds etc. can now be eliminated.

Mechanised Loop Insertion and Grouting

These towable units carry equipment for the insertion the geothermal loop together with preparation, mixing and pumping of the high thermal conductivity grout into the borehole.

This equipment configuration comprising motor driven grout mixing and dispensing unit with hydraulic loop and tremie deployment was designed in the USA. Grout is mixed on board and pumped from the mixer, through the tremie which is delivered by the hydraulically powered reel direct to the bottom of the borehole.

No more messy manhandling of sacks of grout at the top of the borehole. No more bridging and blocking of the hole with unmixed grout. Guaranteed consistency of mix and high thermal conductivity for your heat pump collector loops.

Increased speed and cleanliness of operation means higher efficiency, higher cleanliness and lower cost to the client.

Water Borehole equipment

We use market leading equipment for each function, e.g. Grundfos borehole pumps.

Geothermal Boreholes : Ground Source Heat Pumps

We can obtain quotes from installers of:-

  • Danfoss
  • Kensa
  • Nibe
  • Viessman
  • Worcester

We can recommend an accredited Danfoss, DIMPLEX, NIBE, Viessman, Worcester, installer for your area.