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The Synergy Team

Who we are

Antony Jennings started borehole drilling some seven or eight years ago when the clients of his plant nursery asked for water boreholes to alleviate the affects of the drought leading to the imposition of the hosepipe ban in many areas of Southern England.

The acquisition of a simple percussion drilling rig opened up a new line of business which proved to be dynamic. After notable success drilling water wells (around 20 -75m) throughout Southern England for private clients, Synergy received increasing enquiries regarding geothermal boreholes, which by their nature, tend to be a little deeper (100 - 150m).

A more powerful, rotary hydraulic rig was therefore purchased for geothermal drilling. To cut the story short, Synergy has now three, state of the art rotary hydraulic rigs with the most modern ancillary equipment, to drill geothermal (and water) boreholes with the greatest efficiency and the least environmental impact.

Synergy also provides water boreholes, water treatment equipment, i.e. UV, filtration etc, geothermal borehole related ground works, heat pump installation and irrigation services throughout the South of England.

We are please to have repeat business in the form of strategic relationships with well established, reputable companies such as HUF Haus and IsoEnergy

Our staff has expanded rapidly and we have successfully attracted talent from well established companies in the drilling equipment and irrigation industries.

Our growing team now consists of :

Antony, Owner and Managing Director

Mark, Customer relations, Company Secretary

Andy, Drilling Manager & Lead driller, Equipment Engineer.

Chris, Lead driller, Comacchio MC900GT, water / geothermal

Tom, Lead driller, Comacchio 450P.1

Sam, Lead driller, Comacchio 450P

Elliot, Headerworks/drilling technician

Kinvara, Administration, office

Helen, Logistics, financial, customer relations