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Job Vacancies

Tuesday 28th May 2013

Job Description Lead Driller

Conditions of Employment

The Driller will be employed by Synergy Boreholes and Systems Ltd. and report directly to the owner and manager of the company, Antony Jennings.


The job will be paid monthly in arrears at a fixed annual rate of  £ (To be agreed), this will be subject to annual reviews.

SBS will supply a vehicle suitable for towing ancillary equipment up to 3.5 tons. Jobholder will posess the required license to tow 3.5t trailers.

Conditions of Employment (see employment contract for more detail)

The Driller will be employed by SBS and report directly to the owner and manager of SBS, Antony Jennings.

Driller will work on average five days per working week but must be willing to occasionally work on Saturdays if the situation demands. Daily working hours will be flexible but based on a working day of nine hours.

Driller will often be required to work on site, away from home, primarily in Southern England, for up to several days at a time. In this case B&B accommodation will be provided, by agreement, at SBS expense.

Driller must drive support vehicles and tow ancillary equipment to site locations and must therefore possess suitable, clean driving license.

Driller must wear SBS logo overalls (provided by SBS)

Driller will be entitled to statutory sickness benefits and Bank Holidays plus 20 working days holiday, dates must be agreed with Antony Jennings. 

There will be a trial period of six months during which either party can terminate the working relationship with two working weeks notice. Thereafter both parties will be required to give one months notice.

Job Content

On Site

Driller is the SBS representative and business manager on site.

Driller will be the lead man in all the tasks associated with the core business of the SBS, i.e. 

  1. Drilling and fitting out water boreholes for the provision of garden irrigation and/or domestic drinking water.
  2. Drilling and equipping geothermal boreholes

These activities will be executed outdoors, throughout the year, in all weathers.

Driller is responsible for the operation of the drilling rig and all the ancillary equipment on site.

Driller is responsible for the efficient and cost effective use of all SBS resources on site.

All other SBS personnel on site will report directly to him.

Driller is responsible for achieving the work targets given to him by SBS

Driller is responsible for upholding SBS standards on site, in particular those relevent to 

  1. Employee and third party safety, security of all SBS equipment and tools.
  2. Levels of workmanship and quality, adherence to legal requirements.
  3. Site cleanliness, protection of site, e.g. gardens, lawns etc.
  4. On site customer and third party relations of all SBS personnel.

At Company Industrial Unit.

Driller will supervise and take part in, cleaning and stowing away of equipment and tools, stock-keeping etc. Cleaning of vehicles etc.

Driller will be responsible for pre-assembly of wellhead units, filtration units and irrigation components


Driller will at all times act to preserve and promote the good reputation of the company.

All enquiries from third parties or customers will be passed on to SBS.

Driller will at all times observe and obey all safety instructions and wear all the necessary safety gear provided.