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Tuesday 6th December 2016

Synergy has added a second MC900GT rig to our fleet. The MC900GT is designed specifically for geothermal borehole drilling and is able to simultaneously drill and case off boreholes to 130m. This enables the rig to be best used in the tricky geologies of London and the southeast where unstable layers are often encountered at around 80-120m depth.

This year, the 900GT proved itself not only through speed, but ability to case off unstable strata up to 130m deep.
Our new drilling method has also been tested multiple times with thermal response testing to show we drill the most efficient boreholes in the business.

The 900GT was recently sent to a 'tricky' job drilling 155m deep boreholes in strata which required casing down to 90m.
Each hole was drilled in 2 hours.

Our capabilities heading into 2017 are unmatched.

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