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Ground Source Heat Pumps using borehole arrays are a proven technology and have been very widely used for many decades in most, if not all, northern european countries.

This technology has been relatively slow to be widely adopted in the UK, primarily for two simple reasons

1. Cheaper to install energy saving methods have been effectively subsidised and promoted e.g solar panels

2. The installation of ground source heat pumps with boreholes requires a degree of technical knowledge that must be acquired by experience. Not to mention a significant investment in plant & machinery

Comacchio MC900GT (*2)

With immediate effect, we offer to our customers requiring 10 boreholes or more, the benefits of our latest acquisitions, our two Comacchio MC900GT drills, specifically for high volume geothermal borehole... Read more

Comacchio MC450P & MC450P.1

The MC450P is the big brother of the MC405. Whilst still very compact, not much bigger than the MC405, this machine is considerably more powerful, allowing boreholes to be drilled deeper and faster.

The MC450P.1 is the same basic machine,... Read more

Tibban Mud Puppy

Synergy Boreholes and Systems Ltd. have invested in a new mud cleaning system which recycles the drilling mud, keeping the site and environment clean.

This American, patented system, avoids the need to dig large settling pits for the... Read more

Symmetrix Drilling System

Synergy has invested in the most advanced drilling technology for loose or unconsolidated ground. This technology will enable Synergy to tackle jobs that would be difficult or even impossible using traditional drilling... Read more

MGS Grouting / Loop Insertion

Synergy has a number of mechanised loop insertion and grouting units. These units guarantee professional loop installation and full depth grouting of all the geothermal boreholes that Synergy provides

These towable units comprise... Read more