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Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA)

The Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA) is the national body that represents the interests of the industry, that is, the industry made up of the heat pump manufacturers, system designers, installers and the associated technologies e.g. borehole drilling.

The GSHPA seeks to promote the use of ground source heat pumps in a competitive marketplace where they must compete with other "green" technologies, i.e. Solar, biomass, air source heat pumps etc.

The GSHPA also seeks to introduce and maintain high standards for the product, the design of systems using GSHP's and the standards of materials used and installation, including of course the installation of the heat collectors.

Therefore, if you are a private individual wishing to install a ground source heat pump, you would benefit from visiting the GSHPA website (click on the logo below). Also, the risk of getting a substandard or inadequate system design or installation will be much reduced if you use member companies of the GSHPA.

If you are an installer or renewable energy company, membership of the GSHPA will bring you many benefits, e.g. access to the advice and standards promoted by the GSHPA, as well as contact and discussion with other members.

The GSHPA is undergoing something of a transformation and has set course to be both more proactive in promoting ground source heating and raising the standards of design and installation, to ensure that this technology becomes increasingly the heating method of choice in the UK

As part of this effort the association is in constant discussion with the government (DECC) and has been instrumental in the recently announced improvement in RHI tariffs for ground source heat pump installations.

Synergy is keen to participate in this drive towards quality. We strive to work to the highest standards and we are are proud to be represented on the council of the association.