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Thermal Transfer Fluid

Synergy Boreholes and Systems will be glad to supply your heat transfer fluid and biocides to ensure long term trouble free operation of your system.
If you wish we can purge the borehole/manifold/header pipe installation with cleaning fluid and biocide, before refilling with heat transfer fluid containing bacterial growth inhibitor. see below.

Heat transfer fluid for ground source heat pumps


Exceptional thermal transfer and protection for Ground Source Heat Pump Systems

Sentinel R500C is a clear dark blue concentrated glycol-based liquid designed for on-site dilution. It is a highly efficient thermal transfer fluid for use in Ground Source Heat Pump equipment and ground loop circuits. Optimised to provide frost protection, it offers superior stability, exceptional thermal transfer, protection against corrosion and deposits. It also contains an effective biocide that will help to control the growth of bacteria in a sanitised system should it become contaminated after commissioning so providing extended fluid life.
The properties of Sentinel R500C help reduce the costs of system operation. A FrostCheck Test Kit is available for installation validation checks.

• Concentrate for on-site dilution
• Effective frost protection
• Inhibits corrosion of system metals
• Stable, long lasting formulation
• Protects against bacterial contamination
• Reduces need for premature fluid changes
• Compatible with Sentinel R700
• Non-toxic and biodegradable

The inhibitors contained in Sentinel R500C provide superior protection against both corrosion and deposits and protect the metals commonly found in heat collector circuits. Sentinel R500C prevents fouling of the surfaces of heat exchangers and maintains thermal efficiency. The product is especially formulated to resist degradation by biological organisms and so provide extended fluid life.
The efficient thermal transfer properties and superior stability of Sentinel R500C help towards reduced cost of system operation.

Sentinel R500C is designed for dilution and subsequent use in Ground Source Heat Pump equipment to provide frost protection and minimise corrosion and deposition.
Sentinel R500C is formulated to minimise biological growth that can occur during static conditions after the ground loop has been filled and before the system is commissioned. The presence of biological organisms may lead to the decomposition of the glycol. This process, which is indicated by darkening and thickening of the thermal fluid, will reduce both the thermal efficiency of the system and the lifetime of the fluid.
Before filling the ground loop, Sentinel R500C should be pre-diluted with distilled or deionised water in a minimum ratio of 1 part Sentinel R500C to two parts water in order to ensure freeze protection down to at least -22°C. Sentinel R500C must not be mixed with other heat transfer fluids.

Sentinel R500C does not attack the sealant materials normally used in Ground Source Heat Pump systems.

Sentinel R500C is supplied in 20, 200, and 1000 litre non-returnable containers

The information provided overleaf enables compliance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations. A Safety Data Sheet is available upon request.

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