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Soak-away Boreholes

Synergy will also drill soakaway boreholes to any depth.

Soakaway boreholes are commonly employed to introduce waste water from roof drainage or sewage processing plants back into the ground in situations where use of the municipal drainage system is not practicable or cost effective.

Such situations arise when natural drainage does not suffice and connection to mains drainage would necessitate long trenching runs.

The depth of the soakaway will be determined by the thickness of the layer of impermeable material, usually clay, lying above the more permeable strata, e,g, chalk or sandstone. 

Soakaway boreholes are usually drilled by Synergy at 6" or 8" diameters. They will be lined down to the specified depth using WRAC liner. At the bottom of the borehole a perforated screen allows the excess water to drain away into the permeable strata.

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