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The Private Water Supplies Regulations 2009

The new water regulations which came into force at the beginning of 2010 are designed to ensure that consumers of water from private supplies, e.g. springs, rivers, wells, boreholes are given adequate protection against all possible risks.

As well as prescribing methods and routines for the checking of private water supplies, methods and standards of construction are defined for the various ways of providing private water supplies.

The regulations are specific for supplies drawing more than 10 cubic metres per day or for public or commercial use, e.g. hotels, restaurants etc.

Synergy welcomes this new legislation which imposes standards of construction on suppliers and installers of water boreholes. Standards which by and large reflected the existing construction of Synergy installed boreholes.

As an example, please see the diagram below which illustrates the basic principles to be observed in water borehole header works construction.