Who are we?

Established in 2006, Synergy Boreholes was a wholly family-owned business until its majority acquisition in 2021.

Synergy Boreholes provide clients with borehole drilling services which can provide energy to heat and cool their homes along with groundwater wells. and is committed to tackling some of the biggest issues facing our country today – energy and water security and climate change.

For over a decade, Synergy Boreholes has been accredited with ISO9001. With regular audits, this standard demonstrates a tireless commitment to customer focus, and an innate desire for continual improvement. The team works closely with clients, to understand what their land can provide.

Many members of the Synergy Boreholes team have been with the business since the beginning, and many more for over a decade That expertise, and our commitment to use the most efficient and modern plant and machinery, enables us to offer the very best levels of service, which we believe are the best in the sector.

At the heart, of our boreholes business is a team of 30, dedicated and highly trained individuals, who are committed to providing the best possible customer service.

Based in Buckinghamshire, our offices and equipment park are perfectly located to enable our fleet of state-of-the-art drilling rigs to reach project sites from Cornwall to Scotland.

What we do

Our borehole arrays are designed to harvest the Sun’s heat, naturally stored in the ground. On average, we drill over 100km of geothermal boreholes each year, in arrays of between 2-200 holes, each between 80-250m deep. The boreholes are connected to adjoining headerworks, which provide a circulatory system for the thermal fluid, including a main feed to, and from, the heat pump.

When connected to Ground Source Heat Pumps, these networks of deep, geothermal boreholes and connecting pipework, provide heating, hot water and cooling to homes and businesses across the UK.

Our rigs are also equipped to construct deep or shallow groundwater wells, to provide water sources from underlying aquifers or act as a soakaway as part of a sustainable drainage scheme.

We regularly invest in the most up-to-date technology and equipment. We select the most flexible, powerful, and clean machinery for our fleet, specifically designed to enable us to deliver every project as effectively and efficiently as possible, with the minimum of damage or disruption to our clients or the surrounding area.

Our team specialises in both installation and project management, ensuring that clients have efficient boreholes when we leave the site, often based upon independent thermal response testing, to ensure reliable output. This can be offered as a full turnkey package including civils works for trenching and reinstatement as a Principal Contractor service.

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