Borehole Drilling

Our extensive fleet of modern specialist equipment has been developed to provide a high level of service to the ground source heating and water borehole industries. Typically these projects require construction of boreholes and associated pipework to depths of up to 300m below ground. Our team of operatives are highly trained in operating these machines to their full capability.

This enables us to plan and deliver projects successfully for our clients, in the most challenging of geotechnical conditions. Our team is also able to offer technical advice on borehole construction, based on our in depth knowledge of UK geology and latest developments in drilling technology. Much of our equipment is bespoke to Synergy, with us being heavily involved in production to modify the equipment in a way which we believe improves the efficiency and safety of the operation.


Our team offer the following drilling services:

Ground Source Boreholes

The Green and Renewable Energy sector is experiencing enormous change, as our nation moves towards a more positive and receptive understanding of the need to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy security.

Ground source heating remains a key technology in addressing this challenge and our team can provide advice and installation of ground source networks. Our skilled team and modern equipment construct ground source boreholes and connecting pipework.

Water and Soakaway Boreholes

Our rigs construct boreholes of a range of diameters to assist with water management, whether it be sourcing or removing water for your sites. Soakaway boreholes can be constructed within building footprints to create a sustainable drainage system connected to stormwater pipework. Our water wells can be constructed to target required flow rates, and we are able to deliver pumping systems and connecting pipework as well as provide technical advice.