Our Experience

Our experience is long and varied. As the world of borehole drilling is small, we are often asked to attend projects that are beyond the scope of other contractors. We specialise in projects that require a high level of skill, often in confined spaces or with challenging geology. We work with specialists from across the industry, to ensure that we deliver the best results possible for every client.

We count ourselves extremely lucky to have worked in some beautiful locations. The custodians of many historic properties, including stately homes and private estates, have asked us to bring our cutting-edge technology to work in the shadow of buildings that are, in some cases, centuries old. We are proud to be able to contribute to the future sustainability of such precious architectural treasures.

We have also had the pleasure of working with state-of-the-art buildings in modern, and often urban, settings. Our specialised drilling rigs are designed to fit into confined spaces, so we can make the most of small parcels of land, and even carparks. We enjoy the unique challenges of each project. Please contact us to find out how we can help with your project.

Over the years, we have worked on sites across the length and breadth of the UK. Below are some of the memorable ones.